Presentation of “Liberi Nantes Touch Rugby” in Rome. Sports proposals for an innovative model of integration and social inclusion

On 31th March “everyone in the field” in Rome for the presentation of the Liberi Nantes – Touch Rugby, the tournament which took place with Touch Rugby Roma team and Spartaco team.

Sport activity included in the project Uisp Mimosa: “Migrant’s Model Inclusion through Sport for All“, funded by the European Commission – DG Sport. The aim of the initiative: the construction of models of inclusion for migrants, through sport for all and the development of new practices to be proposed at European level as an example of integration.

“On 11 February 2010 began a new adventure for the ASD Liberi Nantes, which had the objective to replicate the experience with the guys from the Football Club – said Eleonora Cavallari, coordination group Touch rugby Liberi Nantes – also with women, migrant and refugee girls. The goal was: to find a sport that could lead them out of reception centre. The project now has grown further. The touch rugby is not only a tool for fun but also for integration and social inclusion. Now this activity can count on a large group, and it is growing. This confirms the fact that it is an experience open to all: beginners and experienced players, men and women, Italians and migrants and refugees”.

“Is an new experience as a coach that I’m living in a very intense way – said David Testa – Liberi Nantes Touch Rugby – because it is the first time I am confronted with a mixed group. A mix of cultures, levels of play and experiences. Actually I have begun work on two goals: the first concerns the composition of a colourfull team combined with the use of a truly universal language: sport. The second concerns the participation in provincial tournaments and, for the next year, maybe start to dream of participating in the Winter league”.

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