Partner Countries have been selected on the basis of the significance of immigration flows and presence of immigrants. Italy and Spain because of the inflows of immigrants and asylum seekers from the Mediterranean and eastern Europe (main source Countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Morocco); Romania because is the country of origin of many immigrants in other European Countries, and due to its expertise in Roma groups; Denmark and Austria with incoming flows of immigrants from other European countries, humanitarian immigration and asylum seekers. Among ex colonial countries, Germany with immigration from the successor countries of the former Soviet Union. (Source: SOPEMI, OECD International Migration Outlook 2008).
The involvement of 3 levels of Partners (sport NGO’s, research centres, local authorities) will ensure the exchange of experiences between the main actors involved in the field of sports/migrants.


   UISP – Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti (Italy)


UISP has among his principles the promotion of sport for all without discrimination of race, religion, culture, gender, age, disability.
UISP composition: 1 National Headquarter, 5 Thematic areas, 20 Regional Committees, 160 Local committees, 26 national sports leagues, 14.350 sports club associated, 1.200.000 individual members. UISP promotes activities of solidarity, education and promotion of sport in many contexts. Every year UISP carries out training projects, activities, seminars on topic related to the values of Sport For All, dedicated to managers, teachers, trainers, educators and students on the whole national territory.

Sport NGO’s:

  • VIDC – Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation (Austria)
  • ISCA – International Sport and Culture Association  (Denmark)
  • DTB – Deutscher Turner-Bund (Germany)
  • RDYC – Fundación Red Deporte Y Cooperación (Spain)
  • Foundation Policy Center for Roma and Minorities – (Romania)
  • Fondazione 20 Marzo 2006 – post Olympic (Italy)

Research Centres

  • UNIMOL – Università del Molise (Italy)
  • ACSA – Taller de Antropología y Ciencias Sociales Aplicadas (Spain)

Local Authorities

  • Provincia di Gorizia (Italy)
  • Dirección General de Coordinación de Políticas Migratorias, Consejería de Empleo, Junta de Andalucia  (Spain)
  • Centro Regionale Contro le Discriminazioni del Servizio Politiche per l’Accoglienza e l’Integrazione Sociale della Regione Emilia-Romagna (Italy)
  • Regione Toscana (Italy)
  • UNAR – Ufficio Nazionale Antidiscirminazioni Razziali (Italy)

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